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Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any event or person is puerly coincidental. We do not wish to offend any individual or community beliefs. Viewer discretion advised.

About RDB Film Production: 
RDB Film Production is Chambal leading internet entertainment Service. Started and Founded in 2019  as a film production house, Rang de basanti has branched itself into other spheres of production, starting studio, VFX, casting, which brought chambal scene to Indian cinema. 

Director, Producer and Writer - Narayan Singh Bhadoriya

Assistant Director - Dev Sharma, Pankaj Prajapati

Executive Producer - Sanjeev Nigotia 

Production Management - Raju Sikarwar, Arjun Bhaghel, Raj Chouhan, Hanumant Sharma

Director of Photography - Cheerry (Chirayu Singh), Himanshu Verma

Editing - Cheerry (Chirayu Singh)