Bhaskar Bechain | Raghubir Yadav | Short Film | Natak Pictures

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Shashikant Bhaskar is a 59 years old head constable placed in a Mumbai police station. His only dream while joining police force was to fire at a criminal. But caught up in his mundane life, he never got his chance. Now when the retirement is just two months away, he feels that he should make one last effort. He tries to convince the encounter specialist, Inspector Rathore to include him in his mission. But Inspector Rathore makes fun of his stupid dream and his old age. Others at the station also join in the joke. In his desperation, he plans to carry out an operation by himself on a small-time crook. But even that plan fails and he is caught by a Police patrol party. He gets in deep trouble and narrowly escapes suspension. As a punishment, he is allotted a night shift so that he doesn’t loiter at night again. He feels lost and has given up. But then, one night, he receives a call regarding a mishap where people are in need of help. Now its upto him whether to risk losing his honor or try once again in fulfilling his dream.